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Fall-Winter 2016-17
Every sunset brings a hope for a new sunrise…
THE IDEA. “Every sunset brings a hope for a new sunrise”, - the key designer’s moto used in the FW2016-17.  As in the previous season the designer continues to work on the idea based on the SKY concept. The dominating accent this time was given to the color combinations referring to the sunrises and sunsets while the forms used in the collection details are the direct link to the clouds and their fancy shapes.
SILHOUETTE. Traditionally for the brand the main sense load is given to the dresses. The soft lines are prevailing in the collection underlining the body with the help of well-aligned proportions and giving the looks visual consistency. On the one hand the designer underlines femininity with the help of soft lines of the dresses, coats, capes and streaming sleeves, on the other hand she lets them interact with the sport silhouettes of the jackets, skirts and mini-dresses.
FABRICS. Natural fabrics as cotton, denim and wool are dominating in the collection. Crêpe-chiffon is also used to transmit certain ease and weightlessness of the clouds. The designer’s knitting is used in the collection in combination with denim.
COLOUR. The basic range of colours is quite laconic and is revealed through turquoise, light and sapphire as well as light coral representing the colors of sunrise and sunset in designer’s perception. 
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