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THE IDEA. Jazz as the main inspiration source for SS’17 is a comfortable and usual part of everyday life. But on the other hand jazz is one of the most complex music which requires deep analysis. Based on the complex jazz styles especially such as avant-garde, mainstream, bebop, hard-bop, our brains work in a mode several times more active to comprehend the change of musical harmony and instrumental solo improvisation.
INSPIRATION SOURCE.  This season we’ve been inspired by the work of Georgian musicians Nino Katamadze & INSIGHT. They create complicated, intelligent, outlandish music; a detailed philosophical description of human life. These songs are force you to think about the eternity of life, make you feel empathy, compassion and hope. The essence and meaning of the band’s work is to penetrate to the core of life’s complex phenomena.
SILHOUETTE. Traditionally for the brand the main sense load is given to the dresses. Their simple from the first sight silhouette is completed with unusual details. This time the designer concentrates our attention on the fabrics texture. One of the fabrics used in the collection is the frayed-like denim. The collection is divided into the block bringing different sense load. Soft lines of the white block are combined with the hard lines of the blue block – the same as  in jazz fusion style,  the same as  Nino’s combines jazz and jazz-rock.
FABRICS. The collection is made completely of natural fabrics as cotton, denim and jersey (100% cotton).
COLOUR. The basic range of colours is divided for color blocks the same as the name of Nino Katamadze’s albums (White, Blue, Green). White block is given to delicate dresses, Blue – to the skittish silhouettes of skirts, jackets, coats. The main color range in in pastel shades traditionally for the brand.
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